Caren Banks

Travel Designer

Caren was born in the city that is always a good idea (Ah Paris!) to an American father and a South African mother.

The family moved to Bulawayo, Rhodesia-then-Zimbabwe-now a year later where her sister was born. The girls grew up in South Africa and moved to the States 40+ years ago but remained faithful to their African accents.

To say Caren is obsessed by travel to the exclusion of everything else is like saying Roger Federer occasionally enjoys bouncing the odd ball about. There is no cooking, no knitting, no quilt making, no collections, no over-achieving sports… there is only travel.

And every time she goes anywhere she promptly falls in mad passionate love and decides she absolutely, positively just HAS to immigrate to this new place IMMEDIATELY. This might be a fun plan for a lesser human… but Caren has spent her life traveling and her experience is unrivaled in the travel world. She has guided 300 guests to the very remote Mangaia in the Cook Islands for the Eclipse and has been very intimately involved in research for the incredibly successful ‘1000 Places to See Before You Die’ books.

Caren’s interest has always been in custom designed Safaris for the most discerning of guests and she is utterly committed to conservation and community upliftment through travel. Her credentials are all impeccable.

But, while her encyclopedic knowledge of every destination ensures seamless travel, it is her enthusiasm that adds a little magic to every itinerary.


#Because it is an adventure and fun and will get you out of your fusty old comfort zone.

#It clears your mind and opens it to new amazing experiences and different ways to live… without you even noticing that it is happening.

#It makes you a genius! (By expanding your knowledge and understanding).

#It is an addiction. But the only addiction that truly makes you happier.

She tells every client:

“when no one else really wants to hear any more about your amazing experience, call me!”

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