We highly recommend that you enjoy both gorillas and culture on your Uganda safari. We recommend that your gorilla trekking trip  include a hike to the Ik, one of Africa’s most remote tribes. The Ik are largely untouched by the western world as they are quite inaccessible. To visit this tribe you must be reasonably fit. The first part of the journey is relatively easy: mostly walking through flat valleys surrounded by small villages. When you get closer to the top, the walking pace quickens and the hike turns into a serious mountain climb in certain sections. You will stop along the way for a little break or something to eat. The hike can take up to 4 hours, depending on your level of fitness.

Upon reaching the community, which lives in this harsh environment beyond any modern technologies, you quickly realize the hike was worth it. The scenery, people and hospitality – it’s like a different world up in the mountains. After visiting a few huts and enjoying some adventure stories and traditions, you will spend about another hour with this tribe before heading back down the mountain.

It is a life changing experience to interact with a community that has yet to be introduced to the most basic comforts of the western world. The Ik are a lovely tribe with a positive outlook, who truly value their freedom and isolation. To be able to share a little time with them can be quite magical!

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