Kids may have just gone back to school … but we’ve already got Spring Break on the mind! Our office has been taking call after call from parents who are eager to plan an amazing Spring Break safari in Africa.

If you are considering traveling to Africa for Spring Break, it’s important to understand which countries are best to visit during the months of March and April, when most schools in North America have some sort of Spring Break recess. Across Eastern Africa and parts of Southern Africa, March and April are generally fairly rainy months. While traveling to Africa during the rainy months can be right for some travelers (think dramatic skies which keen photographers love and amazing values to be had), generally we find families looking to steer clear of the rains.

Our top picks for these months include South Africa, Zimbabwe, Northern Ethiopia or Morocco. Here’s why!

South Africa

Beginning in late March and into April the rains begin to dry out in South Africa, making it a great opportunity for the value-minded traveler to experience fantastic wildlife viewing. The temperatures remain very pleasant and comfortable, ideal for a family spring break trip.

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During the month of March, expect to experience a lush landscape across Zimbabwe. You’ll love seeing everything so vibrantly green and also have the unique experience to see many animals having babies during this time. However, game viewing can be a little tricky because the vegetation is thicker and wildlife is not reliant on waterholes (so don’t tend to congregate near them as in the dry season).

Getting into early April, you can expect the most pleasant, mild temperatures as well as wildlife beginning to concentrate around waterholes and rivers, making game much easier to spot. During these months Victoria Falls is at its peak in terms of water volume, although massive clouds of spray may block the view.

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Northern Ethiopia

Travel to Ethiopia is generally divided into two parts; the northern part of the country and the South Omo Valley. Northern Ethiopia is home to historical and cultural treasures including Gondar, Axum, the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela and the fascinating island monasteries near Bahir Dar.

March and April are both very pleasant months to travel in the northern part of Ethiopia. Temperatures are mild and rainfall is minimal (as is the case almost year round in northern Ethiopia.) However, in the South Omo Valley this is the peak of the rainy season, thus we prefer  March through May.

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Spring is considered the best season to experience Morocco. Across the country the sun is shining, the coast is beginning to warm up, and the mountains into their own with crisp, fresh air.

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