Today, we are thrilled to reveal our most popular destinations and itineraries for 2016!

Signifying a clear trend towards traveler demand for iconic experiences and interpersonal exchanges, we’re excited to announce that the Rothschild Safaris’ Hottest Trips for 2016 list spans Africa, Asia and South America.

“The biggest trend we’re seeing for 2016 is that our clients are very specifically asking us to plan and book experiences, no longer simply asking for hotels by name or generic destinations,” said Leora Rothschild, founder and President of Rothschild Safaris. “This is dramatically different when compared to years past. Our expert travel designers are building itineraries around highly customized experiences, things like walking safaris in Africa, guided fly-fishing in India and behind-the-scenes tours of exotic architecture and festivals in Asia.”

“Even in emerging destinations like Ethiopia and Myanmar, we’re able to customize individual experiences spanning culture, culinary, history, and wildlife allowing for a more rewarding travel experience,” continued Rothschild. “This is the true luxury in travel that our discerning clients are booking in 2016.”

While we operate in over 28 countries, here are 7 destinations that top our 2016 Travel Trends list.


Kenya is well known as home to the quintessential safari experience. In 2016, travelers eager to interact with local culture and support their overall health and wellness are increasingly spending more time outside of the safari vehicle than inside while exploring Kenya.

South Africa:

A destination popular with family and multi-generational group travelers, in 2016 families traveling in South Africa can enjoy family friendly world-class dining, an innovative foodie culture and a unique wine country experience between Cape Town and Franschhoek before setting off for a magical wildlife safari experience.


Myanmar (formerly Burma) has just emerged from over 50 years of isolation from the Western world. Called “The Golden Land” thanks to the thousands of gilded pagodas scattered around the country, Myanmar today is often compared to what Thailand was decades ago. But things are changing rapidly, and thoughtful travelers who understand their impact on the country and its people are eagerly exploring this magical destination in 2016.


In 2016, travelers eager to learn something while traveling are increasingly choosing to go to Ethiopia. With it’s own religion and some of the world’s most well preserved ancient artifacts easily accessible to travelers, Ethiopia offers a hands-on cultural experience for history buffs.

Ecuador and the Galapagos:

Moving beyond the traditional Galapagos cruise, in 2016 active travelers are exploring the Galapagos Islands by mountain bike and kayak followed by historic and cultural experiences on Ecuador’s mainland.


While India’s wildlife, including tigers, remain a key draw for nature-loving travelers; in 2016 exploring local cultural festivals alongside India’s best local guides is also an in-demand experience.


Home to the driest desert on earth, a lush and mountainous Lake District, and Antarctic ice fjords, Chile’s diverse landscapes are all within the borders of one very skinny country, stretching over 2,500 miles along the west coast of South America. In 2016, active travelers are getting off the beaten path and exploring Chile on horseback, on foot and by bike.

For nearly two decades, we have specialized in custom crafted African safaris featuring wildlife, conservation and luxury in some of the most remote corners of the earth. Every Rothschild Safaris trip combines professional, knowledgeable advice and the best pricing available to create extraordinary experiences for savvy travelers around the world.

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