Heading on safari with your lover?

We’ve orchestrated some magical experiences for our  traveling couples over the years. With Valentines Day fast approaching, we wanted to share some of our greatest hits with you! We love customizing experiences for our clients, and love adding these special touches that make a Honeymoon or Anniversary trip most memorable.

Ultralight scenic flight over Victoria Falls.

Silently floating over Victoria Falls, the “smoke that thunders”? Enough said!

Canoeing Mana Pools

Mana Pools is one of the most treasured game areas in Zimbabwe.  Paddling around crocs and hippos is definitely a highlight for the more adventurous.

Sundowners on the Lower Zambezi

Imagine cruising slowly on the wide, calm Lower Zambezi River, with the Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia on your right and the famed Mana Pools World Heritage Site in Zimbabwe on your left. This segment of the river is in stark contrast to the drama and excitement of Victoria Falls just upriver. The bright red sunsets make for spectacular photographs, and the fine South African wine for sundowners is the perfect complement.

Walking safaris in Zambia

Guaranteed to get your adrenalin pumping, getting out the vehicle and walking through the bush on foot is one of the most surreal experiences you will have. The bush bustling with elephant and expert guides to show you the way, we recommend anything from 1 to 5 days walking safari.

Spend a night at an authentic African village in Zambia

While most people stop in for a quick visit, our adventure-loving clients often spend the night and this features prominently as a highlight of their African safari. While the scenery and wildlife blow people away in Africa, it’s the people we often find personal connections to.

Private, unadvertised game areas in Africa.

Are you looking for a totally private experience in the African bush? Don’t want to see any other “tourists” during your safari? Just ask us about booking you in at a private game reserve, so private in fact that they don’t advertise and it’s simply something that the most “in the know” safari planners have access to.

Fresh water scuba diving in Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi is a massive fresh water lake nearly 700 meters deep that covers a vast area. With more than 600 species of small iridescent fish and a variety of fresh water critters, birds, mammals, reptiles, Lake Malawi is the most species-diverse lake in the world.

Southern Tanzania

Set out like explorers and adventurers in the wilderness areas of Southern Tanzania. You are free to set your own schedule here, no “scheduled” activities, and explore this vast and remote region of Africa with your guide.

Horseback Safaris

Kenya is home to some of Africa’s most spectacular big game, and Rothschild Safaris offers exclusive opportunities to journey into private game reserves on horseback.

Camelback Safari

If you’re even more adventurous, how about an amazing journey through northern Kenya on the back of a camel! We can organize multi-day programs and alongside some of the best guides in Kenya arrange for our travelers to sleep under the stars.

If you’re planning a Honeymoon or Anniversary trip to Africa, have a look at this Tanzania in Style itinerary. It’s one of our favorites, and pairs perfectly with a Zanzibar extension at the end! Give us a call to start planning your own customized journey to Africa!