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The Secrets of Peru ~ by Caren Banks

A Rothschild Safaris guide to traveling to Peru {Our lovely Caren Banks recently traveled to Peru on a fact-finding mission. She returned with all the important 'have to know' tips and along the way she picked all her favorite hotels… READ ARTICLE

7 Crazy Facts about Travel Agents that 90% of Travelers Do Not Know

The first rule of travel: Put on your oxygen mask before assisting others. We have so many clients who call us when they have reached a state of full confusion about their travel ideas. Some started planning and then got… READ ARTICLE

In the Land of the Elephants ~by Leora Rothschild

We all know someone who just has the gift of the gab and can sell ice to Inuits. This is not how we do it at Rothschild Safaris because the only reason I started selling Safaris (and never stopped) is… READ ARTICLE

Big Five. Legends of our Time

In 1990 South Africa redesigned its Rand bank notes. Replacing royalty, explorers, and heads of state, the new money featured the heads of five distinctive animals known as 'The Big Five'. The gold standard for game viewing on the luxury… READ ARTICLE

At the Edge of Serenity

There is a fine line between luxury and boredom. Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge walks it like a world-class slackliner. Imagine a place where you find yourself emerged in one of Africa’s last remaining pristine wildernesses. Now visualize the wilderness following… READ ARTICLE

Victoria Falls

One of 7 wonders of the Natural World Victoria Falls is the biggest sheet of falling water on earth. It is 1.5 times wider and twice as high as Niagara Falls in the United States. And at just over a mile… READ ARTICLE

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10 Reasons to Choose a Bath on Safari

10 scientifically proven health benefits for choosing to take a bath:  Your heart will thank you for it.  Yes, we know it will beat a little faster at the mere sight of one of these beauties, which might scare you… READ ARTICLE

The 5 Thousand Star Bed

What could possibly be more exotic than falling asleep under a sky ablaze with falling stars? Nothing. Unless… Are we allowed to call it a tie with waking up to heartbreakingly clear blue skies in the morning? The idea of… READ ARTICLE

The Hippo Avoidance Strategy by Lynne Bolduc

Staying along the Zambezi River in Zambia at Chongwe River Camp offered the unique opportunity of canoeing. I simply had to try it. Right before sunset, my husband, Greg and I were taken by motorboat from our chalet to a… READ ARTICLE

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Ethiopia. An Eternal Epiphany ~by Victoria Jewel

When I stepped off the plane in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia I had no idea what to expect. While I’ve been to southern and western Africa before, there’s something special about experiencing a country so unfamiliar first hand. I breezed through… READ ARTICLE

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Get Safari Photography Right First Time

Twenty years ago, {the good old days for some}, a world famous photographer gave me very good advice. “Buy excellent binoculars. Then, when you get back home order the coffee table book that covers your trip destination. Leave the photography… READ ARTICLE

Hot off the Presses: Rothschild Safaris is Coming Out

Happiness, Freedom, Peace, Joy, Balance, Fulfillment Confidence, Stability, Passion… The most important things in life are like a Rolls-Royce or a Bentley. Everyone wants them but not everyone knows how to go about acquiring them. Now, you… READ ARTICLE

Put your Money where your Heart Lies

The heartbreakingly beautiful Hawksbill Turtle loves coral reefs and rocky areas, lagoons, mangroves (the Pacific coast of the America’s, primarily El Salvador and Nicaragua), oceanic islands (both coasts of Nicaragua, Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, Brazil, Australia, Malaysia, and Indonesia ) and… READ ARTICLE

Living Your Best Safari Life. #nofilter ~by Lynne Bolduc

So, you haven't been on Safari in Zambia yet. That's ok...  because Lynne wrote this blog for you. She goes through an entire Safari day and tells you about what you may expect deep in one of the most remote African… READ ARTICLE

The Devil and Ms Dinesen

In Out of Africa, movie Karen, Baroness Blixen, is cast as a European settler who forces her culture and will on the native people. Instead, Denys Finch Hatton appropriates the real Karen, Baroness Blixen's, compassion and grief over the changes… READ ARTICLE

Why do we Safari?

A Safari is a journey. Originating from the Arabic verb of ‘safar’ which translates roughly into -making a journey- the word was adopted into the Swahili language. From Swahili, it was introduced into English by 19th Century English explorer and… READ ARTICLE

Cesária Évora

Should a true fairy tales always start with hardship? Must a heroine overcome great odds? Our Barefoot Diva certainly answers to the demands of the genre. Born on August 27th, 1941 in Mindelo, a port city on the island of… READ ARTICLE

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One human's ideal island is another human's worst nightmare. We indulge in a little blatant matchmaking to ensure you never end up on the wrong island! [COPY] What color is your personality? We all know that having different colors around… READ ARTICLE

Benguerra for Beginners

There should be a rule that all island dreams must feature Benguerra Island. The second largest island in the Bazaruto Archipelago, only 2.5 miles (14 km and a quick helicopter trip from Vilanculos)off the coast of Mozambique, Benguerra has a… READ ARTICLE

Feel free to choose something different.

Zanzibar does a great job of pretending to be a tropical island. Balmy weather ✔️ Blissful beaches ✔️ Warm tropical (clear)water ✔️ Coral reefs filled with a rich diversity of marine life ✔️ But the Rothschild Safaris blog never aims for the blatantly obvious.… READ ARTICLE

Mesmerising Madagascar

Africa can be a dangerous place. Unless you are in Madagascar. Free from lions, buffalo, life-threatening cats, and venomous snakes, this island is not so much adrenaline adventure as it is mirror funhouse or theatre production. The stage is set… READ ARTICLE

Good Lord Howe

A comfortable two-hour flight over 700 km of sea, north-east of Sydney, Australia, Lord Howe Island rises from the Tasman sea in the South Pacific Ocean. And it is unimpressive in all the most important ways: Even though it shares a… READ ARTICLE

13 Indian Safari Tips

1. Take it easy India can be overwhelming, and if you plan to fit too much into your time and exceed realistic expectations you will have visitors fatigue. Using a great Travel Designer will ensure that your exposure is perfectly… READ ARTICLE

A Guide to Shopping in India

handwoven scarves and pashminas! Or maybe you immediately start worrying about supporting slave labor. Then again you might have always coveted a flute, sitar or tapestry and intricate jewelry. Dear Reader, when it comes to shopping in India we have… READ ARTICLE

Your Questions about Traveling to India

You want to travel to India... but you have questions. We understand. And we will answer every one. How old is Indian civilization? Indian history dates back to 3000 BC when the Indus Valley was a highly developed urban civilization.… READ ARTICLE

Leaves in Hot Water

Serendipity, Weed and Wind One breezy afternoon in 2737 BC emperor Shen Nung (also known as Shennong) sat under a tree in the Yunnan when a couple of Camellia sinensis leaves blew into the drinking water his servant was boiling.… READ ARTICLE

All Great Design Starts with a Story

Safari was adopted into Kiswahili from the Arabic word safara, meaning 'to travel'. The origin of the word is a great starting point when you aim to recreate the style of African Safari Lodges in your own home or any… READ ARTICLE

Safari means Journey ~ by Lynne Bolduc

    Our daughter is ten. She takes an empty plastic licorice tub, cuts a slit in the top and puts a sticker on it with a picture of Africa. It is a piggy bank for the change that she… READ ARTICLE

The Crosser Twins are Opinionated about Africa

When the Crosser family completed their Safari to Africa we quickly knew the parents enjoyed the trip. April Crosser wrote to us and started with: Our trip was literally perfect! It was worth the wait! From every transfer, meal, lodge… READ ARTICLE

Bukoba Now Officially on the Safari Circuit! ~ the Patel Family

We are often asked the following question... What are the strangest requests you have ever had from guests? and while many of our more interesting requests shall remain a closely guarded secret we CAN tell you that the Patel family… READ ARTICLE

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