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7 Myths about Relaxing Holidays in Africa

New Yorkers are now battling so much stress they are resorting to camping within the city limits in an effort to relax. True story. Here is another one. Only, this time the camp is in Africa... on a Safari. There… READ ARTICLE

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The must-have African Range to ask for at your Spa

Do you crave the experience of wild animals in their natural environment? Or the inherent joy of the people who inhabit the continent? Maybe you simply want that sense of time slowed down to a pace that can be matched… READ ARTICLE

African Rx for Health and Beauty

Travelers find their delight in the continent’s beauty, its wildlife and the smiles that stretch as wide as the horizon. It is quite true that every Safari is underwritten by a sense of glee. There is a perfect kind of… READ ARTICLE

How to Beat Jetlag with Spa Treatments

Her favorite part of the exercise? The fact that a wide-body is one of the few places where you are consistently productive (moving from a to b) while doing absolutely nothing. Of course, my daughter is still a teenager. She… READ ARTICLE

Birds, Blooms & Babies… Just another Summer in Africa

If birding is your bliss, then summer is your season. Migratory birds return adding song and color, filling Africa with spectacular breeding plumage. And there is more… as soon as the rains come, the baby animals follow. Who can resist… READ ARTICLE

5 Summer Safari Destinations for Southern Africa

This means that travelers walk a tightrope of extremes and a knowledgeable Travel Designer is absolutely key to guaranteeing a spectacular summer Safari. Understanding the climate and how it differs from one area to another is an essential first layer… READ ARTICLE

5 Summer Safari Destinations for East Africa

Close to the equator sunset and sunrise happen almost instantaneously. The daylight is a regular dozen hours year-round, and temperatures do not vary widely. This does not mean that wildlife sightings, weather patterns, and general Safari experiences will not be… READ ARTICLE

The difference between East Africa and Southern Africa. Which Safari Destination is made for you?

Our biased answer is easy. You should visit both! But we understand that you might want to come away from this blog with a little more information than our opinions and so, we also have just that—without prejudice, and in… READ ARTICLE

How to Keep your Cool on Safari

Africa might be our favorite continent. But… Africa can be hot. And Africa can be humid. Which can make for uncomfortable days and nights on holiday. Especially on Safari, where getting closer to the wildlife you have traveled halfway around… READ ARTICLE

An Algorithm for Eco-Conscious Travel

Every traveler leaves a trail of black emissions in their wake. The Eco-Conscious Traveler wants to do everything they can to erase these ugly marks they are responsible for. Their passion starts at home and lucky for them the Eco-Conscious… READ ARTICLE

An Algorithm for Community Conscious Travel

The link between tourism and the communities they impose upon is often tenuous. There is little doubt that much of the positive development taking place in many countries over recent years has been driven by travelers. And specifically, those travelers… READ ARTICLE

An Algorithm for Introvert Travel

Being an Introvert is, contrary to popular rumor, not synonymous with being shy. In fact, introverts can be defined by the fact that it costs them energy to interact and they can only recoup their energy through spending quiet time… READ ARTICLE

An Algorithm for Extrovert Travel

Extroverts are identified, not so much by their loud personalities, as by the fact that they gain energy from being surrounded by and interacting with people. One might therefore consider that travel, by design, favors the extrovert. And you would… READ ARTICLE

The Truth about Little Airplanes

The safest form of transportation is an escalator. Right behind the moving staircase, in number two, we have aviation. The most important difference between an escalator and an aircraft is that an escalator will not deliver you to the most… READ ARTICLE

Frequent Safari Traveler Tips for Safari Packing

A Safari might look very different from your day job on Instagram… but our packing advice is just another part of ours. The Rothschild Safaris Team spend a lot of time on the road, traveling from camp to camp. On… READ ARTICLE

The Travel Disaster Prevention Checklist {for traveling without a Rothschild Safaris Travel Designer}

Making a mistake is never fun. Making a TRAVEL mistake is up there with worst imagined horrors and only a couple of notches down from natural disasters. We have rounded up some of the biggest general traveler fears and worst… READ ARTICLE

6 Handy Long-Haul Health Hacks by Susanna Cloete-Jones

From boredom to deep vein thrombosis and everything in between. Let’s talk a little long-haul health. Why do you want to hear my opinion? I was born into a flying family and learnt to fly before I could say my… READ ARTICLE

QUITO : a Rothschild Safaris guide

When Egypt decided to build the Aswan dam in 1954, they set in motion the start of what would eventually become the UNESCO World Heritage program. By July of 2017 there would be 1,073 published sites… but the very first… READ ARTICLE

Islands worth Getting Married for

we are not easily tempted... but we might say 'I do' to: THE QUIRIMBAS, MOZAMBIQUE Off north eastern Mozambique, lie around 32 little islands surrounded by deserted, Indian Ocean beaches and, some still-uncharted, coral reefs. The Quirimbas began as a… READ ARTICLE

5 Private Houses our Travel Designers Prefer

Over 7,000 happy Safaris later we asked our Travel Designers to play favorites. The five properties on this page are their favorite private houses to book for a truly indulgent break in Africa. Perfect for anyone desiring an exclusive getaway…… READ ARTICLE

Let Airbnb Pay for your Safari

Airbnb has been busy since it opened its doors in 2008. As we write, rumors are circling that it will soon be valued at over $20 billion, almost as much as Marriot international. But should you get Airbnb to pay… READ ARTICLE

7 Crazy Facts about Travel Agents that 90% of Travelers Do Not Know

The first rule of travel: Put on your oxygen mask before assisting others. We have so many clients who call us when they have reached a state of full confusion about their travel ideas. Some started planning and then got… READ ARTICLE

20 Secrets of Happy Travelers

Travel isn’t rocket science. People do it every day. Traveling well, on the other hand is a rare and mostly secret art form, perfected only by the few. Don't we all know someone who manages this magic trick? They waft… READ ARTICLE

Duuun dun duuun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun

The incisive E and F John Williams used to compose the entire theme tune for Jaws are still instantly recognizable. But the life of the Great White has changed quite a bit since Spielberg’s 1975 movie. Back then, people paid… READ ARTICLE

Two days in the Mother City by Melissa Hansen

They say you don't need a holiday. You simply need Cape Town. Only, there is so much to do in the Mother City, I'm starting to think what you really need is a lifetime. Unfortunately, this time around, we only… READ ARTICLE

Just Dig It

There is a Nilotic subtribe of the Maasai living in north-central Kenya. They call themselves Lokop or Loikop, which some agree translate to ‘owners of the land’, but we know them by the dialect that they speak. The Samburu. As… READ ARTICLE

Why Impact Investing is Changing Charity

If combining your Passion with Philanthropy and Profit sounds too good to be true we would like to introduce you to Impact Investing. Purposely using your beliefs and your resources—in this instance a portion of your investments—to give someone else… READ ARTICLE

To Climb: Machu Picchu VS Huayna Picchu

One might be forgiven if you think Machu Picchu is called the Lost City of the Inca’s because Western Explorers kept losing track of who discovered it. Hiram Bingham III was the first to start looting it officially, but German… READ ARTICLE

The Graffiti Experience You Need

Think back to the best holiday of your life. Would you rather give away the money that experience cost you … or only forfeit all your memories from the same holiday? Chances are almost 100% in favor of you keeping… READ ARTICLE

10 Reasons to Choose a Bath on Safari

10 scientifically proven health benefits for choosing to take a bath:  Your heart will thank you for it.  Yes, we know it will beat a little faster at the mere sight of one of these beauties, which might scare you… READ ARTICLE

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