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Have your cake, but eat it with a Giraffe.

Set the poor Giraffes free!!! Why are these Giraffes held captive?   These cries for help are a testament to the calibre of fan that Rothschild Safaris attract. Any of our social media posts featuring Giraffe Manor in Nairobi always… READ ARTICLE

Keeping up with the flâneurs*

Happiness is hard. As fast as one can learn, not only the meaning of the word Hygge, but also how to say it in a sentence—so quickly that its actual pronunciation will be adequately disguised… the lifestyle police will find… READ ARTICLE

Deeply meaningful thoughts in a jacuzzi, on a yacht by Ruthie Detwiler

Straddling the equator, about 600 miles from the mainland, the archipelago of the Galápagos Islands consists of about 19 islands (& tons of smaller islets) off the coast of Ecuador. You will therefore not be surprised to hear that one of… READ ARTICLE

Should you take your Children on Safari?

Most of Rothschild Safaris’ Travel Designers were born and lived in Africa. I started life in the middle of the Kalahari desert… and raised my children in the middle of Zambia. This meant that most of my friends also had… READ ARTICLE

Bitcoins are like Tulips

Jamie Dimon, the boss of JPMorgan recently compared the astronomic rise of Bitcoin to the Dutch ‘tulip mania’ of the 17th Century. ‘There is nothing to support Bitcoin except the hope that you will sell it to someone for more… READ ARTICLE

All the Little Things by Pam Langhoff

I am fortunate to have been on safari many times and so, I tend to look for the ‘little things’ when I go. Having just returned from a two-week trip to Tanzania and Kenya I am thrilled to report that… READ ARTICLE

Doctor Mulilanji International Shoes Repair Plus Syphilis by Angie Voigt

I was sent right off the beaten path and given 10 glorious days to explore Zambia. This is what I found. Let’s put the cards on the table: I have fallen head-over-heels in love with this destination. Zambia is achingly… READ ARTICLE

The GOOD, the BAD & PERU

When Spanish invaders arrived in Peru circa 1532, it did not take them long to learn about the importance of a common plant in local culture. The priests were using the leaves in all their ceremonies and rituals. The inhabitants… READ ARTICLE

Chasing the Great Apes by Jessica Faith

I hit Ugandan ground at full speed with a drive across the heart of the country from the shores of Lake Victoria to the jungles of Kibale Forest on the Western edge. Every one of the many towns we passed… READ ARTICLE

Another side of Africa by Victoria Jewell

When I stepped off the plane in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia I had no idea what to expect. While I’ve been to southern and western Africa before, there’s something special about experiencing a country so unfamiliar first hand. I breezed through… READ ARTICLE

Hazy Days of Kruger Park by Elsabé Coetzee

A massive herd of elephants with babies welcomed us to the Timbavati en-route to Kambaku River Sands. It was an auspicious start to our Kruger self-drive trip. As we headed out on our first game drive it started raining but… READ ARTICLE

How DID we become the World’s Best Safari Outfitter? (and does it matter)

Back in January 2014 a man called Stephen from Nashville, Tennessee shared his thoughts on Tripadvisor: Just so you know, Travel and Leisure names companies that pay for the listing. So, being named by them does not guarantee anything. I… READ ARTICLE

Botswana’s Zebra and Wildebeest Migration

From July through September the Great Migration congregates in the Northern Serengeti, Tanzania and the Maasai Mara in Kenya where millions of wildebeest (gnus), led by thousands of zebra, join together in search of water and food.  (They actually circulate… READ ARTICLE

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Rothschild Safaris Live From Madikwe Private Reserve

Angela from our Johannesburg office just returned from visiting Madikwe Private Reserve, a 185,000 acre (75,000 hectares) reserve, and just an easy hour’s flight (or 3-1/2 hour drive) from Johannesburg. While Madikwe Private reserve is fabulous, with a large amount… READ ARTICLE

First African Contemporary Art Museum Opens in Cape Town

Rothschild Safaris has been watching with interest as Jochen Zeitz (former Puma Chief Executive) has been creating the first African Contemporary Art Museum, located in Cape Town, South Africa. This weekend (September 22-25, 2017) saw the grand opening of the… READ ARTICLE

World Rhino Day 2017 – September 22

Today being World Rhino Day, Rothschild Safaris would like to acknowledge and thank our friends at The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy for all the amazing conservation it does, but today in particular:  For four years on Lewa no rhino has been… READ ARTICLE

Conservation in Kenya’s Remote Samburu Country

The first thing you'll notice upon arriving at Sarara Camp are the views. Surrounded by mountains and overlooking wildlife rich forestland, dotted with riverbeds and Samburu communities, there is nothing quite like this view in the world. While the infinity… READ ARTICLE

Malawi’s Wildlife is Thriving!

Malawi is often referred to as "the warm heart of Africa." This relatively small country located in the center of Southern Africa is known for calm, lovely people and a relaxed atmosphere. While Lake Malawi is certainly a highlight when… READ ARTICLE

How about a conservation safari in Zambia?

If you’ve been on an African Safari, you’ll understand how conservation filters through nearly every experience and destination. Your guides educate you about local conservation efforts, you’ll see how the local communities live side-by-side with Africa’s big game, and a… READ ARTICLE

Botswana’s Savute Channel – Savage Kingdom

National Geographic recently launched a new mini-series called "Savage Kingdom." This series aims to tell the timeless story of predators versus prey and the everyday battle of life and death on the African savannah. It's high intensity and really puts the… READ ARTICLE

Private Villas in Africa

While we love getting our travelers under canvas out in the bush, sleeping ensconced in luxury but with nature all around, in recent years we've seen a few amazing private villa options spring up around the continent. Not only are private villas… READ ARTICLE

New Gorilla Habituation Experience in Uganda

Visiting the gorillas of Rwanda and Uganda is one of the most special wildlife experiences available on the continent of Africa. So much work has gone into protecting these magnificent creatures, and the hard work continues to this day. While… READ ARTICLE

What it takes to be the World’s Best

Our team was incredibly humbled and excited to be named the #1 World's Best Safari Outfitter by venerable travel publication Travel + Leisure magazine. Each year, the editorial staff come up with their list of top travel companies, and solicit reader… READ ARTICLE

Zanzibar’s Only Non-Tidal Beach Gets a Fun New Property!

The Indian Ocean coast of Africa experiences significant daily tides. These tides can vary throughout the day and also throughout the year. From March through May, the difference between high and low tide can be over four meters. The difference in tidal… READ ARTICLE

Zimbabwe for a Truly Wild Safari

Zimbabwe is home to some of the most wild safari experiences in Africa. Between amazing opportunities to walk amongst wildlife and a great possibility to take in unique landscapes like Mana Pools and of course the stunning Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe… READ ARTICLE

Reasons to visit Botswana During the Rainy Season

When beginning to plan a safari in Africa, many of our travelers are curious to know about the weather and the pros and cons of booking a Botswana Safari during rainy season. Across Africa, there are distinct weather patterns and seasons.… READ ARTICLE

Unique Primate Experiences in Africa

When most travelers think about primates in Africa, they think of the majestic Lowland Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda. However, there are some lesser-known opportunities to interact with primates in Africa. While primates can sometimes be a bit more challenging to… READ ARTICLE

Best hotels in Marrakech

Here at Rothschild Safaris we LOVE Morocco! Our team has traveled extensively across Morocco and one of our travel designers even lived there for many years. Needless to say, we know Morocco. The bustling, colorful city of Marrakech is a… READ ARTICLE

Our Favorite Cape Town Restaurants

Our love affair with Cape Town runs deep. Leora Rothschild, founder of Rothschild Safaris, was born and raised in South Africa. She's watched this colorful city evolve over the years and loves sharing the hidden corners of the amazing city… READ ARTICLE

Private Safari Guides

If there is one thing that sets us apart from other Africa safari operators, it's the quality of our safari guides. As anyone who has been on safari knows, the quality of the guiding can make or break your safari… READ ARTICLE

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