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13 Indian Safari Tips

1. Take it easy India can be overwhelming, and if you plan to fit too much into your time and exceed realistic expectations you will have visitors fatigue. Using a great Travel Designer will ensure that your exposure is perfectly… READ ARTICLE

A Guide to Shopping in India

handwoven scarves and pashminas! Or maybe you immediately start worrying about supporting slave labor. Then again you might have always coveted a flute, sitar or tapestry and intricate jewelry. Dear Reader, when it comes to shopping in India we have… READ ARTICLE

Your Questions about Traveling to India

You want to travel to India... but you have questions. We understand. And we will answer every one. How old is Indian civilization? Indian history dates back to 3000 BC when the Indus Valley was a highly developed urban civilization.… READ ARTICLE

Leaves in Hot Water

Serendipity, Weed and Wind One breezy afternoon in 2737 BC emperor Shen Nung (also known as Shennong) sat under a tree in the Yunnan when a couple of Camellia sinensis leaves blew into the drinking water his servant was boiling.… READ ARTICLE

All Great Design Starts with a Story

Safari was adopted into Kiswahili from the Arabic word safara, meaning 'to travel'. The origin of the word is a great starting point when you aim to recreate the style of African Safari Lodges in your own home or any… READ ARTICLE

Safari means Journey ~ by Lynne Bolduc

    Our daughter is ten. She takes an empty plastic licorice tub, cuts a slit in the top and puts a sticker on it with a picture of Africa. It is a piggy bank for the change that she… READ ARTICLE

The Crosser Twins are Opinionated about Africa

When the Crosser family completed their Safari to Africa we quickly knew the parents enjoyed the trip. April Crosser wrote to us and started with: Our trip was literally perfect! It was worth the wait! From every transfer, meal, lodge… READ ARTICLE

Bukoba Now Officially on the Safari Circuit! ~ the Patel Family

We are often asked the following question... What are the strangest requests you have ever had from guests? and while many of our more interesting requests shall remain a closely guarded secret we CAN tell you that the Patel family… READ ARTICLE

How do you know your Dream Destination still has a Pulse?

This is what you will hear: 1. We have an office in Africa, America, and Australia. And staff who live in England and South America. 2. All our Travel Designers regularly travel to the properties we recommend. Local Safari knowledge… READ ARTICLE

If your Home is not a Dream Space – READ THIS.

If your home isn't the dreamiest of spaces you will most likely have a good answer to explain why. ~ Some of us simply do not have the time to carefully plan, shop and curate our homes. ~ Some of… READ ARTICLE

Travel Smarter

Unless you are in fact an ostrich, it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore smart travel options. We have gone from optional online check-in to being penalized when we don’t use it in the blink of an eye… and suddenly there… READ ARTICLE

Portraits of Africa ~ by Mary Jane Sesto

We asked one of our favorite regular clients to answer the question through her stunning images... and then she also generously shared her personal photography tips with us. Mary Jane’s Photography Tips First and foremost you need to understand your… READ ARTICLE

When the View really Matters…

Do you dream of waking up to stunning scenery? For some of us nothing is better than enjoying our first hot drink of the day while we can stare out onto great natural beauty. It quite changes the day, we… READ ARTICLE

The Mobile Answers to your Migration Quest

Around the beginning of the year, the animals who sign up for the Great Migration can be found gathering in Ndutu. Around mid-March to the beginning of April, the herds move into the Southern Plains to calve. Then, from the… READ ARTICLE

A quick guide to the Great Migration

How to know where and when and what is a bit of a tricky business with the Great Migration. Always dependent on the rains and the whims of all the different herds it isn't an easy phenomenon to predict... This… READ ARTICLE

Fascinating Great Migration Facts

So magnificent is this, that an extra wonder of the world was specifically created to honor the Great Migration. As with many mythical beasts, the eighth wonder of the world is not always entirely understood. Here are some facts about… READ ARTICLE

Machu Picchu is for Amateurs

The Amazons in Peru have everything a modern adventurer might require. Impenetrable rainforest, rugged mountain ranges, vast valleys with gorges ripped out of the earth and rivers urgently carrying their ancient secrets. Cloud forests, paramo and unique microclimates with Andean… READ ARTICLE

Food Capital of the Universe

Lima, Peru is an ugly city. And yet. It appears on all the most important culinary success lists. With a third of Peru's population packed into its urban sprawl, this is a place where form comes way before function. Then again,… READ ARTICLE

4 Lessons you can learn from Costa Rica

The land of Pura Vida is far more than the sum of all its exquisite wonders. Somehow, everyone who visits Costa Rica is touched by the gentleness of the people, a thread of joy, kindness and total peace that defies… READ ARTICLE

The only Galápagos Islands Guide

A living exhibit of evolution, the Galápagos Islands are a jumble of lava fields and still-smoking still-island-making geology. Semi-submerged calderas, lava fields and tubes, black sand beaches and puffing volcanic peaks might not sound like your idea of an idyll,… READ ARTICLE

7 Do’s and Don’ts for an African Honeymoon

Do use a sensational Travel Designer to plan your African Honeymoon There are so many variables to any holiday, but Africa might be in her own class as far as nuisance and mischief go. You really want nothing to slip… READ ARTICLE

When you Still Do

Like a Safari, a vow renewal is always a good idea! And combining the two might just be the best idea ever. Let’s explain. No nuisance Unlike a legal marriage, vow renewals require no legalities or many other vexations. It… READ ARTICLE

Rooms with a View to Romance

A fabulous holiday is never a terrible thing. But a honeymoon? This is the trip that absolutely, categorically needs to exceed every expectation. There is a delicate art to privacy and surprise, to learning your preferences and to turning every… READ ARTICLE

Keeping up with the Instagram Jones’s

Not everyone aspires to be a professional photographer, especially if that means a heavy investment in sometimes heavy equipment. And few have a lot of time to learn photography. Yet most of us want to get the best images we… READ ARTICLE

Surf the Oldest Jungle in the World

A World Heritage Site and one of the most complex tropical rainforest ecosystems on earth. It is also the largest continuous tropical rainforest on the Australian continent. You will find it on the northeast coast of Queensland, north of Mossman… READ ARTICLE

The Special History of Paradise

What makes the Maldives special? Location, location, location. When 99% of a country is water but the other 1% happens to lie right in the middle of the important trade routes anonymity is not in your future. Legends about the… READ ARTICLE

24 Incredible locations in Australia

A hundred and fifty years after the last convict ship, the Hougoumont, arrived in Western Australia filled with Britain’s petty criminals, the country still has not quite rehabilitated its rakish reputation. But finding the highlights of the country for those… READ ARTICLE


As we write we believe there are 3,890 tigers alive in the wild. This is something of a victory for tiger conservation, following a century in which the tiger population declined by 95%. Back in 2010, there were only 3,200… READ ARTICLE

14 Secrets of Table Mountain

a mountain that is the perfect attraction for every visitor to Cape Town. The tableau of this landmark, with or without its tablecloth (courtesy of the Cape Doctor or South-Easter blowing clouds in from the sea and across the peninsula)… READ ARTICLE

The Rothschild Safaris Designer Travel Difference

Our Man in Cape Town is a visionary. And his sights are ones of incredibly detailed clarity. When Ozzy looks at the future of travel, this is what he sees: The CEO of a major organization, with headquarters in the… READ ARTICLE

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