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Johannesburg is the safari capital of southern Africa. Almost every traveler embarking on a safari in southern Africa will travel through the international airport in Johannesburg. Which is why we couldn’t be more excited to announce Rothschild Safaris has officially opened an office here!

As our past travelers know, at Rothschild Safaris quality of experience and attention to detail is paramount.  We take service very seriously as we build journeys of a lifetime across Africa and beyond.

Opening our office in Johannesburg is the latest building block in crafting the perfect African safaris for our clients. Angela, an absolute expert on South Africa and fantastic resource for everything happening on the ground in southern Africa,  heads up this Rothschild Safaris office.


Here are just a few ways in which the new Rothschild Safaris office will support YOU on your African safari:

1.     While our Rothschild Safaris team certainly gets around, spending many weeks each year exploring Africa and beyond, having a local team in South Africa provides us with immediate access to trends and happening across southern Africa.

2.     As we mentioned, the airport in Johannesburg is bustling with travelers heading out and returning from safaris around southern Africa. If you need support or help at the airport, our team is just a few minutes away and happy to help.

3.     We’ll be growing our team of expert private guides from our new home base in Johannesburg. As our travelers increasingly decide to enlist the services of a private guide, we are working hard behind the scenes to vet the best of the best in southern Africa.

4.     While a safari in Africa is never cheap, our streamlined operations now afford us the very most competitive pricing possible on the best safari experiences across Africa.

Be sure to say hello to Angela, who heads up our office in South Africa, next time you’re in Johannesburg!

Thinking about a safari in southern Africa? Please contact us today to get started planning!