Travel secrets can be very specific to every individual.

One person’s travel pillow is another’s completely unnecessary extra.

Our Travel Designers are always on the road. Traveling long distances, to countries where you can’t simply nip out to the shop for your regular brands. Leora Rothschild travels even more. One might say she is a professional traveler. One might also be forgiven for thinking that she has just emerged from a spa rather than a 24-hour long-haul flight whenever she arrives.

So, we took a peek in her carry-on luggage and unearthed her trio of (exhaustively) tried and tested accessories for making every trip delightful.

Leora’s Inflight Rituals

As she boards a flight she removes all traces of makeup and then covers her face in this miracle worker for the duration of her flight:

Sisley Paris Maque Crème à La Rose Noire  

The mask promises instant youth and will plump, smooth and brighten your skin while you travel. Leora says this mask allows her to arrive looking even better than when she boarded the airplane.

She also swears by her:

Magellan Luxe Footrest

This self-inflatable miracle worker will turn any seat into a Business Class experience. The comfy footrest packs flat in your carry-on bag and its angled foot bed aligns your entire body into a healthy sitting position for a more comfortable flight.

To complete the experience she also never leaves home without her:

BOSE QUIETCOMFORT QC20 & QC20I Pocket-sized noise-canceling earphones

Because these headphones use an external microphone to register low-frequency, ambient noise and produce a sound that is 180 degrees out-of-phase to neutralize the noise. The signal cancels the din… it can more than halve the steady roar of 85 decibels an aircraft emits after takeoff. Which means both your entertainment and your rest will improve. It also protects your hearing as you won’t have to risk loss from the noisy environment and you won’t turn your music volume up as high as you might without them.

Leora’s advice is simple: buy the best headphones you can afford.