If you aren’t the world’s best Type A, Plan-aholic, Micromanager you can stop reading now.

If you are still reading you have to know that spontaneous travel is a trend for 2019 and this is why you should consider it:

Spontaneity will give you permission to try something new. And breaking the routine, learning new things about yourself and pushing your boundaries are all very healthy ideas to explore

As Karen Blixen said:

We might be ok. And if we’re not, at least we will have been somewhere.

Indulging in more spontaneity will have a knock-on effect and you will find yourself agreeing to more last-minute invitations and plans. This will mean that you become more accommodating and flexible and that mellowing in your attitude usually results in avoiding conflict and confrontation.

Another happy consequence of spontaneity is an increase in creativity and it might also save you time as you won’t have to overthink every single thing so much.

When you shift your natural instinct dial from ‘control everything’ to ‘play it by ear’ you will stress less and be less disappointed when everything does not go as planned. Of course, when the result isn’t what you want, spontaneity will also help you shake things up and move everything in a better direction.

Having said all of that we also know that vacation time is precious and travel is expensive.

A Safari is different from other trips and travels. We understand that you want to know what will happen every step along the way of your Safari. But careful spontaneity may even change the experience of a Safari in many fabulous ways.

During the last century the Safari was a beacon of unpredictable travel. Today it remains one of the few ways humans continue to travel to faraway wild places.

How to plan Spontaneity into your Safari

Mix and match City and bush

South Africa is an excellent destination when you want to keep a part of your Safari in a central location like Cape Town with lots of attractions. Add a trip to Victoria Falls and you can also enjoy the adrenaline activities surrounding one of the wonders of the world.

Book a bush location with a Star bed

Swopping your bed for one under the stars for a night is a great way to change the pace and break your routine.

Have an extra day

Leave one day towards the end of your stay free from activities and only decide what you want to do on the day.

Embrace Spontaneity where it finds you

When things don’t go to plan – go with the flow.

Make up your own mind

It is tempting to read every review and decide how you will experience a location or a site before you begin your trip. Instead, take the conscious decision that you will make up your mind after you arrive instead.

Don’t order dinner

Instead, ask for a local dish and eat it.


Chat with locals wherever you go. Most people love it when someone else is interested in them and they enjoy teaching people about their culture.

Stay at Lodges with Strong Community Involvement

Rothschild Safaris uses properties that support the environment, the wildlife and actively empower local communities. At many of the properties, we will suggest you may be able to interact with the local community.

Skip the FOMO

Plan the non-negotiables and then don’t let fear of missing out keep you from simply enjoying every moment as it happens. Let go of regret before you travel and commit yourself to the Safari that you have rather than the Safari you think you should have.

When all is said and done, Africa is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to exercise their spontaneity muscle and be right on trend in 2019.

And when you travel with a responsible Safari Outfitter spontaneous will never segue into disaster. We will have your back (and you will have our direct number) throughout the entire Safari.

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