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Plan your Safari for December 2020 now…

Because it really is never too early to start talking about a safari.

If you are considering an African holiday in December then now is a great time to put your dreams in motion as the most distinctive properties fill up early and a lack of availability may mean that your uniquely perfect safari may not be possible.

Africa in December

The Best African Safari Destinations in December

People differ in how they celebrate the end of every year. Cultural and geographic differences can drive traditions, but each family may have a slightly unique way of marking important days as we move from one calendar year into another.

Southern Africa

In most of Southern Africa, the wet season runs through December and early January. The countryside will be gloriously lush though, and baby animals, birds, and reptiles are in plentiful supply. Wherever wildflowers grow, December is a good month to see them.

As the weather and the dense foliage does not make for peak game viewing conditions, Southern Africa can be a good option for anyone wanting to concentrate on food, wine and the beach life in the Cape, the Garden Route and the KwaZulu Natal coast… or enjoy the low season rates in the bush.

Safari in December


Far north from the lightning storms painting drama across the Southern African skies, Uganda basks in the lull of the year’s first three-month dry season. This translates to ideal gorilla-trekking conditions. The paths have less mud, which makes for a more comfortable trek, and the jungle is less dense, which guarantees mist-less selfies with the gorillas and chimpanzees.

African Safari in December


If you can imagine a warm holiday, cast away on a deserted island (except, of course, for your splendid accommodation, wonderful meals and spoiling staff) where you can feast on Portuguese prawns on the beach after a morning of diving, then the islands off the coast of Mozambique will be the answer to all your dreams of visiting Africa in December.

African Holiday in December

Central Serengeti

Your opportunity to enjoy the wildebeest migration in relative isolation after high season’s crowds have departed comes at the risk of the short rains and herds that are moving fast. Of course, the rain will settle the dust, and the plains are at their very prettiest.

While the best accommodation will be very dependent on how much rain has fallen. Few places on earth will make you feel entirely alone and an absolutely integral part of the whole all at once. Enjoying some bubbles under a black sky strewn with stars and waking up before the sun to welcome the New Year in a mobile camp in the middle of the Serengeti will do that.

Best African Safari in December

Central Kalahari

After the first rains, the desert comes to life, and the green shoots draw wildebeest, buffalo, oryx, and springbok… which can lead to lovely cheetah and black-maned Kalahari lion spotting. And wild dog. And hyena. And leopard.

It all comes at the vague risk of an afternoon thundershower, but then some may argue that an African rainstorm should be on everyone’s list of must-do experiences and simply adds to the unique charm of an African safari in December.

Safari in December

What does Africa Celebrate in December?

An African December calendar is filled with celebrations.

There are many different religions throughout Africa, but 40% of the continent identifies as Christian, and so Christmas is widely celebrated – and if you are staying at a camp in Africa chances are good that the day will be marked with little gifts, singing and plentiful fabulous food and drink.

Most of Africa is also very tolerant of diverse religions, and your beliefs will be respected.

Have Celebrations will Travel

We travel to experience the culture of other people. At the end of the year, there is also a window of opportunity to expose other people to our own culture.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your own traditions and requesting what you need to celebrate in the way you usually do at home. You will find the people of Africa as interested in your world as you are in theirs.

Africa is also a fantastic choice for anyone who would like to skip all the traditions and make their own plans for the day. If you plan to take your safari in December your trip might be the beginning of beautiful new traditions.

African Holiday in December

Safari in December