A Podcast with Dave Southwood

Dave Southwood is not a clicker.

He did start life in the wild on a farm in Botswana and is today a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society and a professional photographer. Having traveled to more than 100 countries (including almost all of Africa) he is the perfect person to quiz about African safari photography tips.

He also lives in the moment (when I contacted him to request a conversation for our podcast he hopped on the phone before I could say ‘where is my microphone’) and confesses that he did not choose to become a photographer, but instead, photography found him.

Clearly incredibly passionate about the human need to keep a record of what we see and experience, Dave is also refreshingly straightforward about his likes and dislikes in the world of equipment and ideas surrounding safari photography.

He lets us in on all his thoughts and tells us:

1. Which equipment you should bring on safari with you.

2. The brands that make the best lenses (and the ones that are rubbish).

3. Which telephone has the best lens for photography.

4. Whether you can get away with a telephone for safari photography.

5. How to get your equipment on your transatlantic flight and how to keep it safe once you arrive on the continent for your African photo safari.

and much more…

Listen to our podcast with Dave here:

Find Dave Southwood’s work here