If you’ve been on safari with us in Africa, then you may already know the very special role guides play in the overall travel experience. Spending a week or more on safari with a private guide yields an incredibly rich, engaging travel experience and very often results in a tearful goodbye at the airport!

As we roll out our custom journeys in Costa Rica, one of the newest destinations in our portfolio, we’re thrilled to introduce Rudy, our Costa Rica private guide.

Rodolfo “Rudy” Zamora was born in the small farming town of Santa Ana, Costa Rica where he grew up on an organic coffee plantation and dairy farm operated by his family for generations.

His father, an avid naturalist, wanted all of his children to be exposed to nature so Rudy, the first born, was already carrying binoculars and learning about the countries flora and fauna by the young age of five. After formal schooling in Costa Rica as well as in Arizona, he launched his career as a park ranger at Carara National Park. For 8 years, he dedicated himself to the rehabilitation of the Scarlet Macaw population.

Be sure to ask him about this, as the success of this program remains one of the proudest accomplishments of his career!

Costa Rica’s birdlife is in fact one of Rudy’s biggest passions. As a member of the American Birding Association, he has lectured and guided many Audubon groups in Costa Rica, and was one of the key organizers for the Associations convention in Costa Rica recently.

With 30+ years of experience within the unique biodiversity of Costa Rica, Rudy uses his knowledge and local charm to provide our travelers with a fun, educational and most memorable journey. His commitment to the conservation and protection of Costa Rica’s natural wonders and his passion for sharing his country with visitors has made him one of Costa Rica’s top Naturalist Guides.

Interested in having Rudy escort your group on a Costa Rica adventure? Please contact us today and we can get started!