Understanding Safari Design Style

Safari was adopted into Kiswahili from the Arabic word safara, meaning ‘to travel’.

The origin of the word is a great starting point when you aim to recreate the style of African Safari Lodges in your own home or any personal space. We will take any excuse to discover, talk about and visit beautiful accommodations everywhere adventure is happening… but as excuses go, great design is a favorite.

Indulging in Great Design is {really} Good for You

As the tempo and volume of our complex lives keep inching up the dial we find our surroundings not so much a visual strategy and more a means for facilitating dialogue and building emotional connections

Simply making things aesthetically pretty is no longer the gold standard. Instead, our society rewards individuals who have imbued their environment with meaning. And it isn’t all about keeping up with the Joneses either. Great and meaningful design can be an effective grounding discipline. It is a creative outlet, encourages self-knowledge and world-knowledge, and keeps memories fresh.

If you relish in the joy of Africa’s wildlife and vistas.
If you dream of going on Safari.

Incorporate the following elements, as illustrated by fabulous luxury lodges throughout Africa, in your own home:


Riad Enija

A lavender bedroom at Riad Enija with diaphanous curtains

Intricate tiling, Persian carpets, and jewel-like colors… with a touch of glass and gilding. Fabrics are often textured or floaty. Decorative wood panels and whimsical lighting.

Riad Kass

A green bedroom with single bed at Riad Kaiss

Wood painted in jewel colors with gold accents. Displaying straw hats. Moroccan lamps (if you decide to buy these do know that the real copper lanterns will last longer than cheaper imitations). Decorative dado. Silver (or copper) water bottle sleeves. Bougainvillea blossoms.

Riad Monceau

A swimming pool in the courtyard of Riad Monceau

Inner courtyard. Restrained but beautifully tiled plunge pool. If you don’t like intricate tiles everywhere you can use a few of them as an accent piece. Painted glass panels and lamps.

Riad Les Yeux Bleus

A blue walled sitting nook hung with fine paintings at Riad les Yeux Bleu

Tiled tables, silver trays, patterned throw pillows, and more jewel colors. Strong wall colors and antique paintings in great frames grouped together.

Scarabeo Camp

The tented desert camp of Scarabeo Stone Camp in MoroccoColor Palette

Weathered leather, Moroccan poufs, Zebra skin, Camping chairs, Lantern candle holders and vintage trunks.

A luxury lounge in the Moroccan desert Scarabeo Stone Camp

Hessian rugs, Throw pillows, Woven pillows.

A bed in a tented room at Scarabeo CampColor Palette

Woven bedspread with wool pom poms, intricate floor lamps.

Agafay Desert Camp

A luxury bedroom in the Agafay Desert

Moroccan rugs, chaise longue, Room divider, Pewter, Woven accents



A plunge pool and netted daybed on a deck next to the Zambezi at Tongabezi

Wooden decks, Canopied loungers, Tiled plunge pools, and Indoor/outdoor living courtesy of concertina doors.

A room decorated in an African Fusion style at Tongabezi

Patterned tiles as accents, Concrete floors, Mixed textures, Persian carpets, Reclaimed wood furniture, and Old-fashioned fans.

An open plan living room with a bar made from . a reclaimed boat at Tongabezi

Gorgeous lighting, Reclaimed boat as a bar, and Extra wide doors.

A built up wooden jetty over the Zambezi at Tongabezi

Incorporating African carving into lamps, Deep comfortable sofas Unfinished edge to a grass roof, and Old books.

A pool in Zambia with sheltered lounging

Stripes and tropical patterns, Hanging chairs, and Mixed lighting.

A wooden jetty over the Zambezi with hanging lights and a wooden turtle

More beautiful chandelier effect lighting, Wooden curios, and Overstuffed sofas.


Cottar’s 1920s

A tennis court (or table tennis) and a Real Zebra to keep your lawn mowed would be a total slam dunk. 🤣 🦓

A room at the top of an A-frame with a view across African plains at Cottars 1920's

Candles, Making it all about the view, and Boardgames, please.

African Safari bed behind antique trunks at Cottars 1920's

Antique trunks, Netting, and Persian carpets = a Trinity of African Fusion.

A collage of an African camp with an outdoor bath and sitting room at Cottars 1920's

An outdoor bath (valet optional), Silver tea sets, Zebra skins, and Riempie seats.


Jack’s Camp

A pool table at Jack's camp

A pool table on a Persian carpet, Curated animal bones, and a Well-stocked drinks cabinet.

A deck swing chair at Jack's Camp

Velvet, Lanterns, Ostrich eggs, and Swing Seats

A tented bedroom with Persian carpet at Jack's Camp

Canopied beds, Clashing patterns, Leather loungers, and Folding Camp chairs.

A canopied swimming pool at Jack's Camp

Tented swimming pool, Wooden decking, and Stripes.

A canopied swimming pool at Jack's Camp

Room dividers, Palms, and a lounger from Zanzibar.


An eclectic living room at Zarafa - Botswana

Persian carpet, Floor cushions, Wide opening doors, Leather sofas, and a Riempie coffee table.

A deck with a plunging pool at Zarafa - Botswana

Plunge pools on a deck, Folding camping chairs, Lantern light, and Weathered Wood.

An elephant walking past a decked plunge pool at Zarafa - Botswana

Do arrange for an Elephant to saunter past on occasion. It is simply guaranteed to give your space that African ambiance!

A tented interior with antique trunk as coffee table at Zarafa - Botswana

Giant pouf coffee tables, Folding tray tables, Trunks, and Clay Pots.


Bisate Lodge

The woven balcony deck at Bisate Lodge - Rwanda

Graphic patterns, Worn-in boots, and Woven accents.

The hut shaped accommodation at Bisate Lodge - Rwanda

Hut shapes and Grass roofs.

A dome shaped bedroom with indoor fireplace at Bisate Lodge - Rwanda

Domed rooms, Inlaid headboards, and floors, Indoor fires and a Collection of natural surfaces.

A room interior at Bisate Lodge - Rwanda

Kilim rugs, Jewel colors and Grouped metal lighting.

Outdoor entertainment and relaxation space.


Serengeti Highlands

A domed room at Tanzania Highlands

Domes, Canvas, and Glass.

The dome interior with images of African women at Tanzania Highlands

Beautiful views and Fine art portraits.

The view from the bedroom through the tented dome windows at Tanzania Highlands

A collection of fabrics and textures.

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