Madagascar Wildlife Safari

14 days

Madagascar, the world’s fourth largest island, is home to an incredible amount of flora and fauna endemic to the island and found nowhere else in the world. Begin your Madagascar safari in the beautiful old city of Antananarivo. Sleep in a restored colonial house and walk the historic streets. Then head east to Andasibe, a stunning rainforest park visiting Perinet Special Reserve and Mantadia National Park home to rare species of lemurs. Travel south to witness the most spectacular views over the Mandrare River, a great wildlife experience of the Forest of Zenavo and the prehistoric Spiny Forest with interactions with the fascinating local Antandroy tribe. Conclude your island exploration with a few nights on the remote island of Tsarabanjina celebrating a successful expedition in Madagascar.


  • See fossa, a unique carnivore endemic to Madagascar
  • See multiple species of lemur
  • Enjoy sunset at a magnificent row of baobabs
  • Many birding opportunities
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site Grand Tsingy
  • Cultural Experience
  • Beaches
  • Marine Life
Fossa moving




Welcome to Madagascar! You’ll be transferred to Lokanga Boutique Hotel in the upper town of Antananarivo, this town has fascinating traditional architecture and a more Indonesian influence than the rest of Madagascar. Enjoy dinner at the hotel.


Antananarivo – Andasibe

After an early breakfast, head east with your guide to Andasibe, a stunning rainforest park, approximately four hours’ drive from the city, a perfect introduction to Madagascar’s rural life with rice fields, red brick houses and roadside stalls selling seasonal fruit and vegetables on route. The park consists of two protected areas, the Perinet Special Reserve and Mantadia National Park. You will be transferred to Vakona Forest Lodge in time for lunch. This evening enjoy a guided walk through the forest surrounding the reserve, with possible sightings of a variety of nocturnal lemurs including the Furry-eared dwarf lemurs, Goodman’s mouse lemurs, as well as chameleons and geckos.


Andasibe – Perinet Reserve

After breakfast, head out with your local guide to the Perinet Reserve, home to many species of lemurs, specifically the indri indri, the largest living lemur species with a barely visible tail, black and white markings and a surprised teddy–bear face, this Lemur is one of the few animals in the world that cannot survive in captivity. The rainforest is a bird lovers paradise and home to many reptiles, invertebrates and a variety of orchid species. Return to Vakona Forest Lodge for dinner and your overnight stay.


Lemurs in Bemaraha National Park

Today, visit the lemurs that live in the national park of Bemaraha. Learn about how they adapt to harsh conditions and seasonal fluctuations in temperatures. Among the most unusual, the Cheirogalus midius – called Kelilbohoho in Malagasy – is the largest and most impressive. Return to the hotel for dinner and overnight.


Lemur Island, Return to Antananarivo

This morning after breakfast, enjoy a visit to Lemur Island, Vakona Lodge’s private reserve that protects several habituated lemurs. After lunch. you will head back to Antananarivo. Arrive at Relais des Plateaux for dinner and your overnight stay.


Flight to Fort Dauphin – Mandrare River

After breakfast, you will be transferred to Ivato Airport for your flight to Fort Dauphin. On arrival you will be met by your guide for your transfer to one of the best restaurants in Fort Dauphin. After an early lunch, you will be transferred to Mandrare River Camp. Settle in and enjoy the majestic views over the Mandrare River. This evening, enjoy a night walk in the prehistoric spiny Forest of Zenavo, see how the diurnal lemurs retreat for the evening and the nocturnal lemurs wake. Return to Mandrare River Camp for dinner and your overnight stay.


Walk through the Sacred Gallery Forest

After breakfast, you will head out to the stunning sacred gallery forest to the south of the camp. Depending on the river depth, you will walk or take a boat across the Mandrare River to reach this largely deciduous forest. Inquisitive groups of ring-tailed lemurs and the always entertaining Verreaux sifaka provide the highlights of this excursion. Return to camp for lunch and a relaxed afternoon by the pool. Later this afternoon, you will be met by your local guide and tracker for an introduction to the Antandroy culture and customs before heading out on a walk through the sacred spiny forest filled with the ancestral tombs of the local tribe, as well as an extraordinary array of flora and fauna. Enjoy sundowners on the Mandrare River banks before heading back to camp for your overnight stay.


Antandroy Cultural Experience

After a cup of tea or coffee head to the spiny forest for an early morning walk. Witness the sunlight break through the octopus’ trees while looking out for the many endemic birds such as crested coua, a variety of vangas and the running coua. Head back to camp for a sumptuous breakfast followed by a visit to the local market, visit the local village to meet the fascinating Antandroy tribe. Lunch will be served at the camp followed by a relaxed afternoon watching life along the river from your tent terrace. Enjoy sundowners amidst the baobabs with the most spectacular views. Enjoy an evening of local traditional dancing, singing, and music.


Flight Fort Dauphin to Antananarivo

After breakfast, you will be transferred to Fort Dauphin in time for your flight back to Antananarivo. This evening you will overnight at Relais des Plateaux.

DAY 10

Boat transfer to Tsarabanjina Island

This morning you will depart on a flight to Nosy Be. On arrival, you will be transferred to the pier for your boat ride to Tsarabanjina Island. From ecological thatch roofing to crystal clear water, Constance Tsarabanjina is a stunning resort on a private island, situated in the north-western part of Madagascar. Feast on fresh seafood and Malagasy specialties in the sand-floored restaurant. Overnight at Constance Tsarabanjina Lodge.

DAY 11

Nature Walk

Wake and enjoy the tranquility of being on a private island, with your villa leading directly onto your own private stretch of beach. Take an early dip in the ocean and a light breakfast on your private terrace. This afternoon, discover the island’s unique biodiversity with a guided nature walk before heading back for sundowners on the beach.

DAY 12

Sailing on the Ocean

After breakfast, enjoy navigating the waters on your own private catamaran, or alternatively hop in a kayak and paddle through the crystal blue waters that surround the island. Enjoy a picnic lunch on the beach followed by an afternoon at leisure to enjoy a massage in a beautiful setting on the rocks or to enjoy a game of beach tennis volleyball. This evening, enjoy a seafood banquet in the main restaurant.

DAY 13

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Wake early to head off with a professional PADI instructor to explore the clear waters of the Indian ocean. Discover the magnificent coral formations that cover the broken Rock canyon and an old shipwreck that is home to abundant tropical fish and elegant eagle rays. An underwater paradise for snorkeling and diving. With the visibility exceeding 130 feet, you can even enjoy the thrill of a night dive to end off your adventure.

DAY 14

Your Journey Ends and Departure

After breakfast, you will be transferred to Nosy Be to connect with your scheduled commercial flight to Johannesburg where your Madagascar safari will conclude. Your international flight should be booked out of Johannesburg no earlier than early evening.