Why The Seychelles

Known for its stunning white sand beaches and coral reefs, this 115-island archipelago in the Indian Ocean is a snorkeler and scuba diver’s paradise. The Seychellois themselves call their home “Forever Eden.” The islands are a sanctuary for some of the rarest species of flora & fauna on earth, including the smallest frog and the largest land tortoise in the world. The Aldabra Atoll is the world’s largest raised coral atoll and a World Heritage Site where over 150,000 giant tortoises live.

Where to Go

The Inner Islands cluster around the principal islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, which form the cultural and economic hub of the Seychelles.

Mahe – With a backdrop of towering granite peaks, Mahé is a treasure trove of flora that evolved over centuries of isolation. Rare endemic plants found nowhere else in the world adorn the island’s mountain forests, including the carnivorous Seychelles Pitcher Plant and the Seychelles Vanilla Orchid.

Praslin – The island’s exquisite beaches regularly appear on the lists of world’s best beaches and is also home to the fabulous Vallée de Mai, believed to be the original site of the Garden of Eden. This is where the legendary Coco-de-Mer, the world’s heaviest nut, grows high on ancient palms in a primeval forest.

La Digue – An island where time stands still and time-honored traditions such as travelling by ox-cart and bicycle are still prevalent and traditional methods of boat building and refining of coconut products are still practiced. La Digue is also home to the black paradise flycatcher, one of the rarest birds on earth.

When to Go

Lying just south of the equator and beyond the cyclone belt, the islands enjoy a warm, tropical climate year round. From October to March the islands are affected by the northwest trade winds. The sea is generally calm with warm tropical water. From May to September, the weather is generally drier and cooler, with choppy seas. The wettest months are December and January. Conditions for swimming, snorkeling and diving are excellent April through May and October through November.



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