The Hidden Tribes of Ethiopia and Kenya

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Heart of African Civilization Safari

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Why Ethiopia?

The oldest independent country in Africa was founded in 980 BC and thousands of years later it gives visitors a chance to witness, not only some of the most ancient tribes on earth but also a people who hold fast to millennia of tradition. This living cultural history has a beautiful counterpoint in the many historical monuments the descendants of these tribes have erected to honor their faith and celebrate their power. Oh, and all these unique encounters? They happen against a backdrop of wonderful wildlife, rich scenery, and volcanic geology.

The one problem everyone encounters in Ethiopia is deciding how much time to spend exploring her endless wonders.

This question is one that will find an easy answer if your trip is planned by Travel Designer who can match your dreams perfectly with the culture, wildlife and history Ethiopia has to offer.

The Proud Traditions of the South

Ethiopia has cultures and traditions that have been intact for thousands of years. In the Omo Valley you can witness the Mursi with their lip plates, unique headdresses and stick fighting ceremony; the Karo with intricate patterns on their bodies, painted with white ash; the Hamar with their goatskin clothing adorned in bright beads, dense heads of ringlets covered in red ochre, and bull jumping initiation ceremonies. This is just the beginning.

Ancient Heritage Sites & History in the North

If you like your history in context Ethiopia can introduce you to the 3.2 million-year-old skeleton of Lucy who used to be our oldest ancestor… until Ardi came along and broke her record by 1.2 million years. In more recent centuries, ancient Christianity has been the main religion of the central & north regions, with rites-of-passage ceremonies and numerous festivals throughout the year. Ancient obelisks in Axum (where locals believe the Arc of the Covenant sits today), the famous rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, the castle at Gondar and monasteries of Tana all provide you with the chance to step back in time to a world almost forgotten.

Breathtaking Landscapes

The Blue Nile Falls is known locally as the ‘smoking water’ but they are not the only mesmerizing water feature in the land. From the water of Lake Tana visitors are thrilled by stunning views and monasteries and as you drive through local villages you will spot castles and churches in distant towns across the horizon as you drive through local villages. Some of the most spectacular Ethiopian landscapes are that of the Simien Mountains, where you may spend a day or two weeks hiking one of Africa’s most scenic mountain ranges. A plateau with gullies and pinnacles, sheer plains and lush green mountains, peppered with gelada monkeys on the grassy plains and ibex along rock ledges.

When to Go?

Weather can vary from the South to the North. Your Travel Designer will recommend the best time to travel, based on your wishes and unique Safari itinerary.

June – October: The rainy season. Expect some rain, but this time of year also provides a great opportunity to explore sights like Lalibela with fewer crowds. Photographers also love the green landscapes strewn with flowers in full bloom at this time.

November – February: This is the most popular time to visit. The rains are over and the countryside is green. The festivals of Ethiopian New Year, Christmas, Timkat, and Meskel are all celebrated at this time.

March – May: A pleasant time to visit the North but it is raining in the South Omo Valley


Rothschild Safaris Travel Designers believe the design of your trip is paramount. We invest a great amount of time and care into the order and execution of your personalized travel plans.

Your typical transit day might include sightseeing in the morning followed by a mid-morning shared scenic charter flight, arriving at your next accommodation in time for lunch and an afternoon village walk or more sightseeing.

We know from experience that we can only guarantee you have minimum stress and maximum time on the ground, plus all the comfort, convenience, and the best highlights if we regularly travel to every location personally.

With Rothschild Safaris your unique, tailored itinerary is designed completely free of charge. You also receive our preferential rates as a world-renowned, award-winning Safari Operator with a two-decade-long relationship with suppliers. Finally, we know about all those secret upgrades, how to ensure you receive all the added value on every stop along your itinerary… and we arrange the little touches and surprises that elevates a Safari from an expedition to an adventure.

Only you know your true dreams and desires,
and we are here to make this journey personal and unique to you…



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