There is a fine line between luxury and boredom.

Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge walks it like a world-class slackliner.

Imagine a place where you find yourself emerged in one of Africa’s last remaining pristine wildernesses. Now visualize the wilderness following you inside wherever you sleep, eat and rest.

At Chilo,

the palette is natural in hue and texture, but the elegance and comfort are a little extravagant. You can relax in a shaded swimming pool, sumptuous lounge or library set within lovingly curated gardens. When you glance up from your book on the viewing deck you may find yourself being carefully observed by the local elephants, hippos and crocodiles

The bedrooms are designed around the view from your balcony. As all the best bedrooms around the world do, Chilo provides a true escape into a haven of space and privacy. Families can share two rooms with an extended interconnecting balcony.

Once you leave the lodge for activities amongst the red sandstone, thorny scrub and baobabs you will quickly find that the animals are very much at home and you are the intruder. This area has not been harassed by a constant onslaught of game drive vehicles and life proceeds as the gods intended with buffalo at watering holes, cats prowling silently and hippos shaking birds from their ears in the three rivers that run through the park. And everywhere you go this corner of Zimbabwe along the southeastern border with Mozambique is true to its name Gonarezhou: Land of the elephants.

What can you see here?

Lions, cheetah, wild dogs, hyena, buffalo, hippo and many, many elephants.

About Gonarezhou National Park

The Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park is a colossal tract of land that connects the Kruger National Park, the Limpopo National Park in South Africa and the Gonarezhou National park – wholly owned by the Government of Zimbabwe.

Fences continue to come down and the animals are slowly starting to trust the changes and resuming their ancient migratory root.

The Gonarezhou Conservation Trust (GCT) was established in August 2016 and assumed management of Gonarezhou National Park (GNP) in March 2017. GCT is a ground-breaking partnership between Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZPWMA) and Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS), following almost 10 years of working together within Gonarezhou.

GCT is committed to protecting and conserving the wilderness, biodiversity, ecological processes, wild and scenic landscapes within Gonarezhou and Malipati Safari Area (MSA) boundaries. The park’s exceptional resource values will be sustained for present and future generations while supporting its role in the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area and regional economic development. As an integral part of the agreement, the culture and history of the Shangani people will be recognized as one of the key components of the park.

World Class Guides (Prince William says so)

It is true that an incredible guide will change the day every time.

At Chilo Gorge, guests may have the pleasure and privilege of being guided by Clive Stockil, the founding father of the Lodge.

Born and bred in the area and qualified as a Zimbabwean Professional Guide in 1973, Clive’s passion for the African bush began in childhood, when he often sought out adventures in the wilderness with his Shangaan friends. He is universally renowned as an authority on the low-veld communities and their wildlife and continues to build on his vast knowledge. Clive believes community-led conservation is vital for the survival of African wildlife and has been at the forefront of this movement for four decades. He is a board member of the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority as well as the recipient of numerous national and international awards including The Order of Merit for Conservation by the French Government in 2011 and the inaugural Prince William Award for Conservation in Africa in 2013.

Other guides include

John – who is passionate about anti-poaching:

Tor – who has been visiting the area with family and friends since birth;

and Thomas – who has a special interest in trees, shrubs, and medicinal uses.

To do

~ Game drives

~ Birding excursions (over 400 bird species have been recorded here)

~ Sundowners on the Save River

~ A Cultural experience with the people of Mahenye Village. Experience the cultural home and in September, the annual Mahenye Festival that is a true celebration of Shangaan culture with traditional dancing, food and a fish drive in the Save River.

~ A guided walk to Chivilia Falls

~ A more adventurous and completely tailored walking and camping safari along the Ivory Trail.

~ Game walks from Chilo Gorge Tented Camp