This means that travelers walk a tightrope of extremes and a knowledgeable Travel Designer is absolutely key to guaranteeing a spectacular summer Safari.

Understanding the climate and how it differs from one area to another is an essential first layer of the picture. The northern parts of South Africa (Kruger National Park) tend to have hot, wet summers while southern South Africa (Cape Town, Eastern Cape) boasts dry summers. In Zambia, the rainy season starts at the end of the year and winter is dry.

During the summer months, each area has its own particular attractions. The Eastern Cape weather is perfect for enjoying outdoor activities, the Kruger Park has babies, birds, and predators and when the going gets hot, Zambia gives Safari goers the opportunity to see the formation of Victoria Falls, experience Livingstone Island and the Devil’s Pool… and then fly off to enjoy a magnificent safari in the world’s most incredible wildlife sanctuaries.

There is much to choose from if you dream to escape the Northern winter for a summer Safari. Here are the hot Safaris destinations Rothschild Travel Designers dream about:

Cross the Marine Big 5 off your list before you move on to do the same with the Big 5 on land. Immerse yourself in nature within a luxury eco-reserve that is tucked between mountains, forest, and sea surrounded by the richest temperate flora in the world. Make the most of a time of year that promises clear, warm days to enjoy shark cage diving, whale watching (October to December), botanical safaris, pristine beaches, and coastal safaris.

Excellent predator action in a camp that is open through October and until early November. Here, luxury meets adventure as you are flanked by towering ebony trees in your riverside setting. The perfect spot for watching large herds of elephant and relaxing by the pool when you are not discovering the area’s diverse habitats with an award-winning guiding team.

The ultimate in wild luxury, this award-winning camp on a bend of the Luangwa River offer stylish comfort and relaxation. The area features world-class predators with elusive leopard sightings and a full complement of game drives, safari walks, seasonal boat cruises and spa treatments as part of your Safari day.

The elephants agree that this camp has the best views in the Lower Zambezi. Prepare to leave a little of your soul behind when you stay where the Chongwe and Zambezi Rivers meet against a mountainous backdrop. Shade is provided by winter thorn, accommodation is superbly appointed, and Safari activities include boat cruises, canoeing, and tiger-fishing as well as day and night game drives and walking safaris. Chongwe is open during October and until mid-November in the summer months.

The unhurried atmosphere and quaint traditions of a bygone era can be found in this old-world haven with antiques, silver cutlery, and crystal glasses. Style and grace set off the rugged beauty of the surroundings perfectly, and the Big 5 is only a game drive or bush walk away. The private game reserve shares unfenced borders with the Kruger National Park.