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Elephant conservation

Podcast: How Many Elephants? with Holly Budge

Did you know that 96 elephants are poached every day? What does that figure mean? Simply this: If you would like to see an elephant a decade from today you will be visiting a zoo...

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Botswana Elephant Hunting Ban Lifted

Rothschild Safaris’ reaction to the recent lifting of the elephant hunting ban in Botswana. Like the rest of the world, we are reeling with the recent news that elephant hunting will resume in Botswana. As...

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A Woman’s Place in African Culture

Women have played a central role across centuries of African history. They are an essential part of the history, economy and social fabric of Africa. But what makes someone an African woman in 2019? Is...

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Counting the Uncountable

The trouble really started a long time ago. But between 7 April and 15 July of 1994, the tightly controlled fabric of Rwandan society was utterly torn apart. Understanding what happened is difficult and heartbreaking....

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Oh look! It’s Coffee o’Clock!

At the turn of the century, Rwanda was mad, bad and dangerous to travel to. Today you will find Rwanda’s coffee in New York and every other coffee-crazy city around the world. Coffee has been...

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Green is still Good

We are so lucky to travel to the most beautiful parts of the world. And we never underestimate the responsibility we have to preserve the wilderness for the future. There is hardly a property anywhere...

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Fabulous Fabia

How do you explain to a Maasai why a Western person would choose to run in a circle(or on a treadmill)? What should we do about hunting in Africa? This week we put all the...

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Animal attraction

Fancy a little alternative inspiration for Valentine’s day this year? Whenever we question the relevancy of a day set aside to honor romantic love… or when we are in need of an original idea about...

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Tiger and cubs lying on dusty dirt road with trees and bush, Bandhavgarh National Park Syna Tiger Resort


As we write we believe there are 3,890 tigers alive in the wild. This is something of a victory for tiger conservation, following a century in which the tiger population declined by 95%. Back in...

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Why Impact Investing is Changing Charity

If combining your Passion with Philanthropy and Profit sounds too good to be true we would like to introduce you to Impact Investing. Purposely using your beliefs and your resources—in this instance, a portion of...

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