It is true that the usual Safari is perfectly delightful.

But perfectly delightful simply may not blow your hair back.

If you love coloring a little outside the lines and find yourself drawn to life’s less expected pleasures Africa may have just what you need.

Zambezi River Rafting

Always wanted to be the person who goes: ‘Oh, that is nothing!’ when someone hurls themselves down some raging river in the movies? Look no further than the Zambezi. There is a reason these rapids have names like Obliviooooooon.

Giraffe Manor

Breakfast with a Rothschild Giraffe or two.
No. They are not just being friendly.
Like Ellen they simply believe sharing is caring.

Gorilla Habituation Experience


Change the future by helping to habituate a troop of Gorillas deep inside the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Daphne Sheldrick’s Elephant Orphanage.

Being a parent is an attitude. Not a biological relation. Now you have no excuse for not adopting a baby elephant.

Africa on Horseback

Experiencing Africa from horseback… literally galloping alongside towers of giraffe is something words cannot do justice.

Camel Safari

In Arabia, it is believed that the soul travels at the speed of a camel. If you have some catching up to do with your soul it follows that you should abandon the Safari jeep and continue by camel.

Hidden Tribes

Visit the Hidden Tribes of Africa. Immerse yourself in the mystic rituals, traditions, decorations and dances that have stubbornly survived all attempts at modernization.

The Singing Wells

It might be the very last place on earth where no selfies are allowed. Or any photography for that matter. When the Samburu warriors sing to call their cows to the water wells the moment is spellbindingly sacred.

And pause…

Does this list have you waiting to exhale? We have you covered… take a couple of days and sneak away to an idyllic exclusive eco island in the middle of the Zambezi River with the company that hosted Harry and Meghan on their last holiday before their engagement.

Sleep in a star bed. Pick one under the Milky Way.

That’s all.