Leora Rothschild just returned from Botswana, where she had a chance to visit some newly refurbished properties, meet with Rothschild Safaris’ favorite guides and spend time with leading wildlife conservationists there, learning about the important work they are doing.

Here are just a few of the highlight from her month in Botswana!

Kissing an elephant!

While in the Okavango Delta, Leora had a chance to spend time with orphaned elephants. These elephants have become semi-habituated as they have been raised by wildlife biologists in the absence of their mothers. They live together near camp, and offer a truly unique opportunity to interact with and learn about these gigantic creatures. This experience is often a safari highlight for our travelers

Going High Tech on Safari

New, high tech, four wheel drive safari vehicles add some fun to the game drive and wildlife photography experience. At Duba Plains, photography plays an important part of the safari experience. Here, Dereck Joubert, CEO of Great Plains Conservation, and his wife, Beverly Joubert, are not only co-founders of the company, they are also acclaimed wildlife filmmakers and National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence, who have created awarding winning films in the Great Plains reserves, many before the camps were even built.

The vehicles are set up for photographers, including power, stabilizers, and more fun amenities to ensure a comfortable and rewarding safari experience.

And speaking of Duba Plains, set in a stunning area in the Delta, the suites are so comfortable you would want to stay for a week. The sister camp, Duba Expeditions, offers the same amazing wildlife experience and staff, the rooms just a little less opulent but comforting in every way.

The Water is Back!

After a few of the driest years on record in recent history, the water levels are back in the Okavango Delta. Viewing game as you are surrounded by the magnificent floodplains of the Okavango Delta is truly a magical experience. At the moment the water levels are so high that at times you need to lift your feet off the floor of the vehicle to not get wet!

And we’ll leave you with a fun insider tip from Leora…

“Highly recommended you take a scenic helicopter flight transfer between camps. Even better if you are looking to impress your better half, call us we have some really exciting helicopter surprises to share, if you promise to keep them a surprise!” Leora Rothschild

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