Extroverts are identified, not so much by their loud personalities, as by the fact that they gain energy from being surrounded by and interacting with people.

One might therefore consider that travel, by design, favors the extrovert. And you would not be wrong. But this does not mean that an Extrovert (and their fellow travelers) cannot improve on the experience through a better understanding of the dynamic.

Travel Challenges for Extroverts

Take time out to be alone and attempt to recharge your energy without feeding off the vitality of others.

Remove yourself from the spotlight within a conversation, purposefully allowing someone else to take center stage.

Arrange to travel alone.

Be quiet.

Whether you fall closer to natural leader or count yourself as a control freak, grant yourself a little holiday occasionally and allow someone else to make the decisions.

Cautions for Courteous Extroverts

Remind yourself to allow time in your schedule to let others charge their batteries on their own.

Do not allow yourself to become rundown because you cannot resist every single opportunity. Get some sleep. Arrange for a little space. Look after yourself.

… and Warnings for the Rest of Humanity

Extroverts will constantly be on the move.

Even when they visit museums it will be at high speed!

Do not expect much silence.

How to Spot the Extrovert on Safari

Why would you want to find an extrovert? Because they are usually guaranteed to improve your trip. Your emotions and experiences may be elevated to an entirely new level as you are carried along on a wave of delicious gregarity and a lust for all that is new, fun and über.

The experience of travel is based around human connection and finding commonality even in the unknown. However, you often need to be assertive if you want to find that connection. Or, if an extrovert is on hand, they can be assertive on your behalf.

This is what you look for:

Much Talking to Strangers

Extroverts find it very hard to resist new ears to listen to all their old stories.

The More is always the Merrier

Look for the crowd and then identify the center of attention.

An Open-Door Policy

Personal space is not the same concept for extroverts as it is for others.

Where there is YOLO and FOMO there is no NO

The Extrovert is always ready to say yes to all adventures.

Highlights and Supersize

And adventures are always better when everyone already knows about them and if they are the biggest and the best in the business.

Excellent Travel Destinations for Extroverts

Victoria Falls, Zambia or Zimbabwe

The falls themselves are one of the most spectacular natural wonders in the world—pouring down, over a 354-foot precipice into the Zambezi Gorge at an average of 300,000 gallons of water every second. But they are only the epicenter of a world of adventure activities.

Delhi, India

Festivals, noise, flavors, color. It is an assault on every sense. An alchemy of old and new, Delhi’s tombs, temples, monuments and ruins exist side by side with modern suburbs and skyscrapers. Old Delhi contains magnificent architecture of the Mughal Empire, most notably the Red Fort and the Jama Masjid, India’s largest mosque.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Morocco’s second oldest imperial city retains the splendor of its ancient past. From the remarkable Bahia Palace that dates to the days of the harem, the Koutoubia Mosque that dominates the landscape of the 9th century walled medina, to the spice-filled air of the bustling souk, unchanged for over 1000 years, and the legendary square, Djemaa el Fna, a UNESCO World Heritage site that hums and pulsates day and night with mystery and magic.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town combines a mild Mediterranean climate, gorgeous ocean front setting, spectacular mountain backdrop, dramatic white sand beaches, world class dinning and outstanding shopping and nightlife.

Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi is an energetic, busy and modern city within easy reach of the orphaned elephants of Daphne Scheldrick’s Foundation, the Rothschild Giraffes at the giraffe center and a visit to the Karen Blixen museum (author of the book ‘Out of Africa).

Quito, Ecuador

The first city to be named a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its exquisite and well-preserved colonial architecture and treasures. Surrounded by the Avenue of Volcanoes it is filled with cobblestone streets, colonial churches and beautifully restored mansions. Ninety minutes from Quito is the Mindo cloud forest, renowned for world-class birding. Two hours north the vibrant Otavalo indigenous market offers a remarkable range of products including beautifully woven textiles.

Sydney, Australia

A vibrant and cosmopolitan city with a famous Opera House and harbor, beautiful beaches and water sports. The world Heritage-listed Blue Mountains and Hunter Valley wineries lie to the west. To the south you’ll discover picturesque country towns and the Australian Alps. To the north are coastal jewels of Coffs Harbor and Byron Bay.

Images via Laurencia SoesantoAlejandro AlvarezLuke Chesser