Tanaya Lambert

Travel Designer

Somewhere out there a Career Counselor is walking around without the medal he or she deserves.

Because there is absolutely no doubt that Miss Lambert is doing the perfect job. Considering the average European only travels to 7 countries in a lifetime, the fact that she has already ticked off 47 (and we strongly suspect she has a list for the 148 other ones somewhere) is a BIG CLUE that she is on the right career path for sure.

During her travels she has seen the Northern Lights, explored the Pyramids of Egypt, sat with orangutans in Borneo, witnessed Machu Picchu at sunrise and played with sea lions in the Galapagos. Along with the Taj Mahal and cruising the Maldives, she has gone shark diving and camped in the Sahara Desert. Tanaya also lived and worked on a sailing catamaran on the Great Barrier Reef and spent some time living in England.

She is also passionate about empowerment and only runs a fair trade textile business which supports Mayan women in Guatamala [applause].

Not quite ready for human children Tanaya is preparing herself for the idea by having adopted three elephants from the Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage in Kenya.


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