About Kimberly Brokling

Kim is passionate about making sure that Rothschild Safaris operates as efficiently as possible, so Travel Designers and Client Managers can focus on ensuring that our travelers get the bespoke, specially curated travel experiences that Rothschild Safaris specializes in. She leads big and small projects for the sales and marketing teams.

Kim firmly believes that travel is the best way for people to have bigger, bolder, more interesting lives. She has an intense love of Africa travel. She spent two years living with the Dagomba people in West Africa, learning the language (small small), eating the local cuisine, and getting to know the people. Most recently, she enjoyed a solo safari through Zimbabwe and Botswana. She has also traveled through China, Ecuador, and Europe.

When she isn’t making operations more efficient, you can usually find Kim working on her public speaking. She has spoken for Colorado Business Marketing Association, at Ignite Denver, and at Denver Moth. She currently serves as an Area Director for Toastmasters.