Kendall Winer

For Kendall Winer, Travel is inherent, almost to a genetic level.

Her own travels began in high school, and this was the first chapter of her journeys. But growing up, she gained profound inspiration from her grandmother, a worldly woman who would go on to visit all 195 countries in her lifetime.

Though only visiting a comparatively humble 21 of those destinations – primarily in Africa – Kendall is always searching for the next smudge in her passport.

A self-professed adrenalin junky, she searches for excitement in all of her travels, walking with lions in Zimbabwe or heli-skiing in New Zealand. Prior to joining Rothschild Safaris, it was long her desire to share these magical experiences with others, from exploring remote locations to trying new foods and learning foreign languages.

Holding a desire to one day move to South Africa, Kendall currently resides in Colorado, though a travel bag is always packed, teasing her into the next great adventure.

Why Rothschild Safaris?   I enjoy working with like-minded people who have a strong passion for Africa, just like me. Each day I am able to vicariously live through our clients and their amazing experiences by hearing their excitement through the process from planning to pre-travel calls to post-travel reconnections.