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With early childhood travel and a multicultural background, global wanderings were an integral part of Georgia’s formative years.

From Cypriot heritage by way of Greece, Egypt, and Italy, her parents would bring her to explore and learn more about her family’s culture on school vacations, and warm summer months and rich Mediterranean culture of Cyprus were a significant part of her worldly education. Expansive cultural appreciation was integral to these travels, but it wasn’t until after high school that the urge to explore really took hold.

A chance camping trip instilled a love of nature, escapism and the importance of disconnecting from time to time, and this plotted the course for Georgia’s career path. Applying for numerous jobs in increasingly remote locations, she eventually found herself in the remote far-flung of Fairbanks, Alaska, a far cry from the olive groves and beaches of Cyprus.

This unique destination gave her the opportunity to completely immerse in the Native Alaskan culture, sampling traditional foods such as moose, caribou, indigenous plants and muktuk, or whale blubber.

Her explorations into such remote and unique regions, as well as throughtout the Caribbean and Central America, have given Georgia a passion not only for her own journeys but also in helping others learn through experiences, fall in love with the beauty of nature and learn to be at peace in the silence of the natural world.

Why Rothschild Safaris? I believe that education is important, but there are more ways to learn that expand beyond the classroom and into the real world. Rothschild Safaris encourages people to step out of their normal day-to-day lives and learn about our earth and other cultures through hands-on experiences.