An early love affair with Kenya has set the trajectory of Alisa Feillafe’s entire life.

Originally from the UK, Alisa had an infatuation with travelling from an early age and started working in the travel industry as soon as she left school.

Her first experience with Africa took place in 1990, a Kenyan safari piquing an inspiration that would continually captivate her imagination and formulating career decisions and trans-continental migrations.

After relocating to Sydney, Australia in the mid 90s Alisa started working with a travel company specialising in African adventures. The opportunity arose for her to live and work in the company’s South African offices based in Johannesburg and Cape Town Alisa leapt at the opportunity. Though her working week was spent in two of South Africa’s capital cities, weekends and holidays gave her the chance to explore game reserves and the many destinations and attractions throughout South Africa and its neighbouring countries.

Her experiences weren’t limited to her early Kenyan visit or South Africa’s borders, and Alisa has explored throughout East Africa, offshore to the magically unique island of Madagascar and to Mauritius’ tropical shores in the Indian Ocean, where she honeymooned with her husband.

Alisa’s deep passion extends beyond the African wilderness, and culture, conservation, community and the environment are central to her intrigue and motivation. This becomes fundamental to her wisdom and attentiveness when sharing her African experiences with clients, helping to turn their most extravagant and wonderful safari dreams into a reality.

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