Jessica Faith

Operations Manager

Never mind the creepy crawlies. If you want to really, truly frighten Jessica, simply serve her A MUSHROOM.

Could this explain her alternate—in no particular order—career choices?

Full time ski instructor

Helicopter Pilot

Police Officer

The lady also has a degree in global tourism and has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Australia, to Machu Picchu in Peru, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, India and South Africa. And she speaks fluent flight details, billing, documents, itineraries, travel insurance, visas, accounting and any other pre and post trip services.

Full disclosure… if it wasn’t for the fact that we knew about the mushrooms, we might be a little intimidated by Jessica!


We have found that travelling, diving and kayaking keeps her very calm.

When you call Rothschilds and Jessica picks up the phone you will be in the safest and most capable hands possible (it might be best never to mention THE MUSHROOMS).

Lets make your first trip to Africa or Beyond truly memorable
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AUS: 61-7-5455-4243