Annalise Thompson

Client Manager

Annalise has always had a passion for learning about other cultures and their way of life. While most kids had posters on their walls of their favorite idols, she had collages with pictures and maps of all the places she wanted to go to. Annalise is half Lebanese/half Trinidadian, has dual citizenship with Canada, and is the only American in her family- all of which means that she has been travelling internationally since she was around 6 months old. In university, she studied International Business and French, and studied abroad in Marseille, France. She currently continues studying French and has started learning about wines from around the world.


The greatest advice she would give to anyone traveling abroad is to be flexible and try to think of any obstacle that you may encounter as an experience/part of your journey. Additionally, she would recommend trying to immerse yourself fully into the culture of the place you are visiting and getting out of your comfort zone.

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