Angie Voigt

Travel Designer

Angie has been an avid and adventurous traveler for years and any description of her enthusiasm for travel is simply an understatement!

Born in South Africa and raised in Asia, Angie moved every few years growing up.  As a third culture kid, she learnt to speak the local lingo in Indonesia, exchanged smiles with saffron clad monks in Laos, sailed through Vietnam’s Halong Bay, lazed on beaches in Cambodia and walked with elephants in Sri Lanka.

Angie has since made a ‘home’ for herself in Australia, where she completed a degree in Social Work and lived for the past ten years. However never forgetting her motherland, Angie returns to her African roots yearly, and has traveled throughout South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya. She has sampled some of the world’s best wine and seafood in Cape Town, experienced the adrenaline of witnessing a cheetah kill in the Masai Mara and navigated the cobbled stone streets at the Stone Town markets in Zanzibar. While enjoying a Botswana safari, she canoed and camped on an island in the Okavango Delta, cruised the Chobe River and met with the San people in the Kalahari desert.

Angie’s passion for travel is contagious. With outstanding attention to detail and great care, Angie will go above and beyond to plan your trip of a lifetime.


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