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In our African safari planning guide resource you will find everything you need to know about traveling on safari. From how you will get around, definition of a camp versus a lodge, who our guides are, Africa facts, frequently asked questions and much more.

Camps & Lodges

Rothschild Safaris does not own individual African Safari camps in Africa; instead, we have contracts at every lodge allowing flexibility and more importantly, variety for your individual taste. Each year, our travel designers go on their own African safaris to the camps to personally experience the accommodations, activities, the best seasons for game viewing, meals and service. Our recommendations for you are based on expert and first hand experience! (more…)

Getting Around

There are many ways to travel on an African safari to view wildlife and the magnificent scenery. The following is a list of the different types of African safari vehicles and bush planes that you may encounter during your trip, as well as a section about self-driving if you are so inclined and adventurous.


Our Guides

Increasingly, travelers planning a trip of a lifetime to Africa are enlisting the services of a private safari guide. A private safari guide is someone who stays with your group throughout your safari. These guides are the most experienced on the continent, and the amount of value they add to a safari is tremendous.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider utilizing a private safari guide on your next trip to Africa.

1.     Expedition Leader: From start to finish, a private safari guide is on hand to lead your expedition. This guide will not only provide the most knowledgeable commentary and explanation to your group as you travel across Africa, but will also help you with smaller tasks that could add stress to your journey. Your guide will take care of any issues that may arise with accommodations, luggage or flights along the way.

2.     Wildlife Expert: If you’re looking for an immersive wildlife experience in Africa, a private guide will certainly add value.  Private safari guides have advanced degrees in wildlife and decades of experience in the regions they serve. You won’t find anyone more knowledgeable. They undergo long periods of training and apprenticeship and are masters at bringing the African bush alive – the secrets of tracks, game trails, and dung, the plant traditionally used as a toothbrush, how bark is made into twine, and the mysteries of the spectacular night skies of the southern hemisphere.

While the resident guides at every safari camp we use are fantastic, we wouldn’t book the camp if they weren’t, having a private guide with you throughout the journey ensures every day you continue to experience new and amazing things. Guides from camp to camp will not have the history of what you have seen previously, what you may be most interested in experiencing on that particular day. Your private guide will ensure that each day is focused around specifically what your group is most interested in experiencing and compliments the resident guides perfectly.

3.     Special Experiences: What to cool off with a swim in the Okavango Delta? Your private guide will know the best area to swim (in an area that he knows is not frequented by crocs!) Looking for the perfect picnic spot away from the crowds? Do the kids want to get out of the vehicle and explore the bush  on foot? A private guide will know where you can explore off the beaten path throughout your trip.

4.     Family: By the end of your safari, you will consider your guide part of the family. Between imparting a wealth of knowledge on your family or group of friends and just making every day special and unique, a private safari guide makes your trip of a lifetime even more meaningful by adding a unique personal connection.

We have private guides available across Africa and beyond. Contact us today to get started planning your safari in Africa, and to learn more about working with one of our expert, private guides!

Activities on Safari

Is your dream African safari experience to track big game like the first explorers, glide over game filled plains in a hot air balloon or walk through the Africa bush with a family of elephants? Maybe it’s paddling past hippos and crocs on a wilderness river, visiting a Masaai village or helping researchers learn more about Africa’s extraordinary ecosystems. (more…)